Monday, July 20, 2009

2 ultra-violent videos from 2 great albums

I recently was called out for not discussing the Dead Weather. Honestly, it's an allright album, I hang it up on the wall next to an album by the Raconteurs. Here is there video for "Treat Me Like Your Mother", enjoy. Though I will warn you, incase you didn't read the subject title of this post both of these videos are very violent.

Really that's a great video, just a beautiful use of natural light. Actually, that's the only thing that draws me to that video besides the song. So does that make it a great video? Maybe I should just say that it's a good video. Too bad the guy who directed that directed the very underrated feature "Sexy Beast" as well as this classic music video.

Next up is the new video from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's.

Again pretty violent, but a good song. Actually that's from a great album. I think that may be the best album I've heard all year, nothing else pops out as really special this year with the exception of the last Bruce Springsteen album. I just love the Yeah Yeah Yeah's album "It's Blitz". If you haven't copped this yet get it. One of the highmarks of that album is the song "Skeletons" which may be the anti-thesis of this earlier song by them.

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