Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another new Modest Mouse song

With the ritual of releasing a new ep every month for independent record stores here is the one for June. Enjoy. (LINK)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Thank you Artie Lange

Recently Fox analyst Joe Buck got his own show on HBO where he was to replace Bob Costas. This is god-awful. I hate Joe Buck, his his hatred of Baseball while he broadcasts it along with his completely unemotional play-by-play style is the most boring type of commentary. Why this guy gets his own show to discuss sports is crazy. Luckily the great Artie Lange is available to deep-six such a thing on the first episode. Here is the audio from the Howard Stern Show (where Artie is a regular) with the complete segment of Artie on "Joe Buck Live". Your welcome people.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

and Ted Danson???

Wow I need to see this show. Supposedly it comes out on HBO in September sometime, i haven't seen a date posted for it yet, but this show looks awesome. I have been a long time fan of detective stories and i think they have the talent to put together something good and still comical. Also Zach Galifianakis is involved as well as Jason Schwartzman, I am very confident in these two and I doubt they will disappoint. September really won't come soon enough.

Allright I'm struggling embedding this thing. Heres the link to the trailer. (LINK)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good New Music: The Horrors - Primary Colours

This is not what I expected from "The Horrors" on their second album. I am very thankful for this, the orginal album was more garage punk and screaming than anything I really listen to. That's why i'm thankful the changed course on this second album. It was convenient since they changed labels as well. they clearly matured and went in the direction of being more of a post-punk/shoegaze band now which is something I am finding myself more and more interested in all the time (I did say Deerhunter made the best album of last year). The two songs that I found videos for are clearly the standout tracks for the album, you can tell they are leaning in the direction of Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine. Hopefully they will stay the course for a long time.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Review: Up

Eric Cartman once said "you have got to learn to chill. Life goes by pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while and do whatever you want all the time, you could miss it." These are words that I do my best to live bye, unfortunately, I can't do it to the extreme that a sociopath like Cartman does.

Carl Fredrickson is on the opposite of this lifestyle. He is burdened by carrying the guilt of his inability to take his wife on the adventure that he had promised to give her. There is an incredible silent montage (probably the most moving scene in the history of Pixar) where it shows Carl and his wife going through 50 years of marriage and dealing with standard hardships in life where they are forced to use all the money saved up for the trip. Be it a flat tire, new roof, or paying for his wife's hospital bills there was always an important reason to take their savings and put it to immediate work. After she passes away he becomes colder and embittered and looks at a mural that was painted which was painted to remind the 2 of this adventure that they had dreamed about and feels the shame and guilt for never being able to give his love what she had dreamed of.

When he is forced to go to a nursing home he devises a plan to float his home to the land that they had dreamed of. At this point Russel (a make shift boy scout) appears in. Carl who has now become this man who closed himself off now needs the help of someone else to maneuver his house to Paradise Falls. From here the story gets a little convoluted but doesn't lose any points.

This may be the best Pixar movie and probably the best movie I've seen at this point in the year. Even the short film "Partly Cloudy" was amazing. It was so amazing that it inspired me to go and buy it on itunes when I got home. Do not miss this movie, especially if you like Pixar in general. The characters were great and had some great and touching moments, even the dialogue was great, hardly anything I expect from an animated film. The theme of the movie is that you need to be greatfull for everything and to be excited about the moment. That you are constantly participating in the adventure of life and that as Russel says ""It might sound boring, but I kinda think it's the boring stuff I remember the most." This is far from boring and was the most enjoyable movie of the year, not funniest, just the most enjoyable movie. Now go out and enjoy your own adventure.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Review: Land of the Lost

Honestly I just watched this last night and I don't remember much of it. Really it was just a standard Will Ferrel comedy, you should already know what your getting before you walk into the theater. The effects aren't that great, but neither was the television shows. The acting is what you would expect from this kind of movie, nothing special. Honestly, Danny Mcbride wasn't able to do his usual schtick since it was only a PG-13 film.

Hmm, so far I make this movie sound terrible, it wasn't. It did have some funny references and some decent physical comedy. Danny Mcbride did offer some good lines, none of them memorable though, but I assure you they were funny. My final feelings on this are that this was an unbelievably forgettable film and nobody needs to burn any calories to go see this in the theater. If you are desperate for a time killer go crazy and see it, theres just simply no reason to NEED to see it.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Review: The Hangover

It was a while ago now that I actually watched this, unfortunately I just haven't had the time to throw this out. Anyway, to the review. The Hangover is the Newest movie from Todd Philips, the man who brought you "Old School"and "Road trip" and this time he pulls out his funniest film yet. Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis all gave amazing performances, especially Zach. Zach Galifianakis has finally showed himself to the world as one of the funniest people in Hollywood. Now the rest of the world will see what I knew about months ago (LINK). There were also some great cameos from Heather Graham as well as a cameo from Mike Tyson that promises not to disappoint.

I also want to give credit to director Todd Philips for showing this adventure in the way it was. The movie really opens itself up to comparison of another great movie that many people would not have seen coming, specifically "Memento". I haven't been inspired by another movie to watch that but this one definitely did.

Honestly I thought this was great, I would party with these guys anyday.

Debbie Gibson is an actress now?

This may be one of the coolest trailers ever. How is it possible that I missed this?

too bad Aloha High School never had anyone interesting graduate

Here is a clip of comedian Eugene Mirman delivering a high-school commencement speech at his alma mater.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Chris Outlaw Needs to get a new computer.

Look everyone, I dont want to beat around the bush here but Chris Outlaw needs to get a new computer so he can do the podcasts. So what I was thinking was Chris needs to man up and go get one. He is pulling in mucho dinero so whats the problem??? All I am saying is when Chris decides it time to take this to the next level we can finally get the word out to the street. So join me in letting chris know he needs a new computer.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

wow a running segment for Modern Jackassery?

That's the plan, each week during the summer i will watch and review a new movie that goes into the theaters each week, regardless of whether or not I am excited for them.

Our first installment will be Terminator: Salvation.

This was a movie that came out a week and a half ago (though I will work on my timing I will probably be watching on the tuesday after the release.) Anyway back to the movie, Without watching the third one, which I had zero interest in watching, the story on this one wasn't that spectacular. Which was surprising after how much emphasis Christian Bale said was put on story and Character development. What was up front and seemed most important was the effects. Summer movies have always been style over substance and this is no different unfortunately.

One of the gripes I always have in a dystopic future where humanity gets it's asskicked on the regular is the part where Villians are everywhere and far more intelligent than the humans are for some reason unable to defeat the humans even though they know where they're located. I just need to know why they haven't been completely overtaken. I played Starcraft, I know how this worked.

the movie was full of cliches as well, including a great scene which felt like it was taken out of a Bond movie. At the end of the movie it asks the viewer what makes us human? My short answer is that a robot would know better.