Friday, September 18, 2009

Pull out your flannel people. PJ is back

Yep, Pearl Jam just released a new album and the new video was directed by Cameron Crowe. It's definitely one of their catchier tunes, though the video itself is disappointing. I wanted to believe that if these two paired up it would be a little more impressive than a over the top Concert video but whatever. This is what we got.

Another song that I have been playing ad nauseam is a bit of a golden oldie. This is a jam from INXS and reminds me alot of a song that New Order may have done in the mid 80's if INXS wouldn't have beaten them to it. Anyway it's a good song, enjoy.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

HBO's Bored to Death

I just saw the first episode of HBO's new comedy "Bored to Death" and I'm a little disappointed. I expected a lot from this show, and honestly with a cast like this who wouldn't. Jason Schwartzman plays a writer with writers block who turns to being a private detective, Zach Galifianakis as Jason's best friend, and Ted Danson as Jason's pot addicted boss. When I heard this idea it really struck me, I have always loved the idea of an everyman character trying to become a detective, perhaps it is my own desire to escape into that world. Noir films/books have always created worlds that I wish that I could be in. A world of femme fatales and shady cops sounds great.

Unfortunately none of this seemed to translate to the the TV show. I understand that this was merely the pilot, but it was hardly gripping. Maybe there was too much Jason Schwartzman, the best scenes were when he was there with Ted Danson who looks primed to be the best thing on the show which is impressive because Galifianakis is always seemingly the first person to steal the spotlight (see: The Hangover). I still have hope for the show, though I can only promise that I will watch the next few episodes before I write it off completely.

You can make your own judgement though, if you go to this link you can watch it there. (LINK)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

since I like to spread rumors

You would have thought I learned after I had my hopes up about the Radiohead EP about 2 weeks ago, unfortunately I didn't. Supposedly at Al Lutz is reporting (LINK) that at D23 (Comicon for disney fans) that Captain Eo will be returning to Disneyland. Yep Disney is trying to cash in on the George Lucas produced/Francis Ford Coppola directed 3d short film to make some money right after the King of pop passed away/killed. Lucky for you though folks if it's been a while (at least 20 years seemingly for me) since you last saw Captain Eo I have dug through the mess that it is the internet to bring it to you.

Also is it just me or is "Hooter" a rip off of "Max Rebo" from Return of the Jedi?
His instrument is almost the same as well.

Again folks no need to thank me.

short notice

My "stone cold lead pipe lock of the week" is here.

I suggest that you at least catch it soon as the moneyline is at +145. Easy.

I also like:
Utah -20 against Utah St.

My final ticket of the week besides a moneyline bet for the ducks was this.

Stanford -15.5 (WSU)
Oregon +3.5 (Boise St)
Utah -20 (Utah St.)

Actually I'm pretty concerned about the Stanford as the day has progressed, I'm a little nervous now. Well Good luck people.