Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sorry it's been awhile

It has been a while in between posts I realize. However, I at least have some Awesome news this time. (e.g. no videos of super toilets.)

If you have been as excited as I have in regards to the "Where the Wild Things Are" movie the trailer is now available for you viewing pleasure and it looks amazing. I can not wait till this comes out since I loved the story as a little Outlaw. Also this is just a great example of a great trailer, good music, good visuals, and it's pretty minimalist.
Anyway Enjoy. NOW BANTER!!!

By the way the song in the trailer is by the "Arcade Fire - Wake Up"

Friday, March 13, 2009


Twitter has got to be one of the more entertaining things online. I think it works great to go with Facebook. I don't think it can ever replace what Facebook does but I enjoy it alot more. Twitter seems more Celebrity Friendly, in the sense that you can follow conversations between 2 of them. It also makes it available for A/B/C celebrities to talk to their followers. It is merely an easy to use social media application that gives no real information about the users and allows them to discuss anything.

During the first week I was on twitter I watched a particularly interesting conversation between Rainn Wilson (Dwight) and Dr. Drew discuss what type of Vagina a Mermaid would have. I was instantly hooked. Watching this back and forth was one of the most interesting time wasters that I had ever seen. Thanks to Twitter I never would have realized that mermaids would most likely have a Cloacae combo type vagina. This was strange to watch unfold to say the least however it so far hasn't been the most outrageous thing twittered.

The award for the most outrageous thing twittered would go to Diddy. Honestly I think Diddy may be insane. that guy posts so often it's crazy, for example it seems he records mostly at night and goes to sleep around 10am. He also seems like a pretty positive human being which many celebrities appear like. However, I think you are less interested in what kind of human being he is and more interested in an example on how he posts the most outrageous things. The most outrageous thing that Diddy ever tweet about was On February 27th when he was live tweeting while having tantric sex. This is just another example of how nobody can do it like Diddy. If your interested Diddy supposedly went 6 and a half hours before his back started cramping.

Not everything on twitter though involves people talking about strange conversations and Diddy going crazy. There is also some cool and interesting stuff going on. I just got this today thanks to Kovas (music producer). Though I now worry that M.I.A. is going out of her way to just remake "paper planes". Honestly I haven't seen music this lazy since 50 cent made "Candy Shop" and "Magic Stick". Hopefully the final product isn't such a cookie cutter remake.

Twitter is not designed to ever replace Facebook. Facebook offers so many features and allows for easy access to meet people from work, and from school. In regards for Twitter you have to do all the legwork yourself. They accompany each other wonderfully, and in the way social media works I will unfortunately need both for a while. Well until I can follow diddy's sexual conquests on Facebook.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

one of the coolest things I've heard in a while

This is one of the funnest things I've heard in a while. It seems like that there used to be a lot of video game covers by bands. Nine Inch Nails did a famous cover of the Zelda theme song on their shows for example. And I've heard some mainstream songs going 8-bit before but I think that this may be one of the more enjoyable ones. The standout parts of the track for me were "Golddigger" and "What you know". Awesome.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Who Watches the Watchmen? ME!

As a fan of the book I was a little excited about this, though I was concerned about how a book that was so cinematic in the way it was done yet, so unfilmmable would translate to the screen. The story was great and some of the acting was wonderful. I understand how so many people were unsatisfied with Malin Ackerman's performance of the Silk Spectre 2. Rohrshach and Comedian were pulled off the best, there performances were fantastic. Truly in a movie where there are no real likeable characters they were pulled off the best. My only real gripe with the story was terrible makeup job that was put on Nixon. That was a little distracting.

The one thing that so many fanboys were unhappy about was the change in the ending. I'm still uncertain why it was necessary, and the new ending doesn't take away or give anything different to the overall story. Overall the movie was enjoyable. Though I would only go and see this if you had read the book. I also look forward to it on Blu-ray if it puts the "Tales of the Black Freighter" intermingled through the movie.

OVERALL 7 out of 10

Are these people serious?

I need this for the days after I eat at Roberto's. Also I'm not so sure that they are actually pouring 4 chess sets and I didn't count 18 hot dogs. I think that St. Thomas Creations should be reported to the better business bureau.

Friday, March 6, 2009

More New Music

It seems like theres going to be a ton of worthwhile music that's coming out soon. I just heard about three more cd's that will be out before years end that I am excited for.

Firstly, theres the new album from Sonic Youth The Eternal. Needless to say I'm excited about this, after their last attempt I am back on the SY bandwagon. As long as they stay with that recipe I won't be away, also I saw them with Pearl Jam in concert and it was amazing. As long as they stay with the old recipe of just going with a lo-fi stripped down guitar sound that they did on their last album I will be there to see them again.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is currently recording a new album that is supposed to be out before the end of the year. This band has yet to disappoint me on one of their studio albums, though I was horrified though by their self released album last year though, and am wondering how they can outdo their last effort. Baby 81 was my favorite album of 2007 so I am on pins until this arrives.

Lastly I just heard from Pitchfork that Jarvis Cocker will be releasing his new album Further Complications May 19th. His last album was great, and some of the stuff that he did when he lead his previous band "Pulp" was remarkable. I just hope he can bring back some of the wittiness that he had on his last album. Anyway here is a real video from his last album. Enjoy.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A cool new Banksy

This may be desktop worthy. It's a little cooler than the nature pics I have from Costa Rica. I see that there appears to be a "Romany W.G" credit there but I am still going to credit it to Banksy anyway. If you google Romany WG it takes you to a different type of artist.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tron 2.0

I honestly didn't think I would care about this at all. I wasn't a fan of the original film, Then I had seen a Nike commercial by Tron 2.0's director. The commercial itself was unappealing though it did show an interesting use of CGI. Needless to say that will be more than necessary in a Tron vehicle. Actually heres that commercial.

The real news though about this is that Daft Punk is reportedly going to do the soundtrack. When I heard that, this movie immediately became relevant. There really is no other option when you need a futuristic soundtrack.

Monday, March 2, 2009

It's the bitches that will get cha's!

Joe Pesci, what can the guy not do? The answer in short is nothing. He is one of the best actors of our time and anyone that disagrees will find their head in a vice. Cause as Joe would put it “Nobody pull’s the wool over a Gambini”. The first movie that I remember watching Joe in was Home Alone. Of course I was a kid and I wasn’t allowed to watch most of the types of movies he was in. He did however play a great role in that movie but it wasn’t until years later after watching Goodfellas for the 100th time that, I started to question how he could kill people so easily yet he couldn’t catch one little kid? He even had Daniel Stern the voice over actor for the Wonder Years helping out but the two of them could not catch that kid.
Never the less Joe is still a fine actor for his roles in Raging Bull in which he broke his nose sparing with my boy Bob DeNiro. In Goodfellas as the sick Tommy DeVito who killed Spyder (which by the way his whole family was rats and what was he going to do? Grow up to be a rat?) Also as everyone’s favorite friend Nicky Santoro in Casino, $100 who ever hits the plane.
Even with all these movie roles I don’t think anything is better then his music. I am talking specifically about his album “Vincent LaGuardia Gambini – Sings for you”. (This is the name of his character from My Cousin Vinny.) Watching and listening to him rap is awesome, the lyrics are even awesomer.

Now please watch the video below and take note that it is the bitches that will get cha’s.

Remember my favorite band from 2008

Heres their show from the Noisepop Festival from 2 days ago. Pretty good, though I'm a little against an unbroken youtube video that runs over 55 minutes. Also it was cool to hear some new songs. Now Banter.