Thursday, January 29, 2009

the best show on TV

After missing the season premiere of Lost last week while I was out of the country I am now caught up. Without a doubt in my mind this is the best show on TV, it's ability to blend drama and philosophy is amazing. Along with some of the craziest and compelling characters it makes for beautiful television. To believe that this on a network is what's also amazing, I didn't think I would ever be this enamored with a network drama since I had relegated myself to Cable dramas like Deadwood.

Though I am a newb in regards to Lost fans. I had actually just started watching them from the beginning since about June when I could start from the beginning online. I was hooked instantly, hell I was so hooked I watched an entire season in a week and a half once I started watching them on DVD. I think my first roommate though watched an entire season of Sopranos in something like 4 days once though.

I suggest everyone to watch this. If your too lazy to rent/buy the dvds then watch it online. Watch at it home,work, or on a train it doesn't matter, just watch it. I'm not kidding when I was going to Costa Rica and found out that I was missing the Season Premiere. I even tried to watch it online there and was turned away by the Internet God of ABC. I was Heartbroken. It's like waiting for a girl to come to town that you haven't seen in months and your confident that you could get your dick smooched. Only to find out your forced to be away from her while she's in town, problem is that you've worked yourself up waiting so much for this one day and now your heartbroken. That's how I felt.

This season has so far not dissapointed. With the island moving through time and possibly dealing with some kind of prehistoric location now I'm excited (I'm just guessing prehistoric by the way it looked during the teaser for next week, though now it seems very hokey).

Monday, January 26, 2009

where were you march 11th 1960

Really I can't wait for this movie and I love the marketing.

I only hope that in one of these Damon Weaver will interview Dr. Manhattan. That would truly be kickass.

Friday, January 23, 2009

RE: My Sri Lankan Princess

2008 was a big year for my favorite "retired" Singer, she releases an EP and makes a song for a movie soundtrack that nets her an Oscar nomination yesterday. I'm not sure anyone is as excited as much as I am for the live performance of that song and to find out what she will be wearing. It's obvious that she will wear something that she designed, the only problem though is that theres just too many choices. I hope though that the Afrika Jacket makes an appearance, but I'm not so sure if the academy is ready for her yet.
As usual heres a video of the song she received her nomination for.

In other news She also released an EP of new songs and a remix of "boys" ft. Jay-Z. The track "Shells" though is the real standout, with a great beat and lyrics about ak-47 shell casings she seals the deal. Don't waste anymore time though, go get the How Many Votes Fix Mix. Now the only problem though is the fact that this mix a has different releases. Itunes has only three songs while other realeases are supposedly up to 6. Anyway get it regardless.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Airport Jackassery...Again

Without A doubt Miami International is a slum. What a terrible airport. I don't know if I can ever get over an Airport that charges for wifi at a staggering 9.99 an hour. Really, it's insane. And there was no place that was open to get a bite at 7 in the morning. Miami International may also hold a record for longest distance in between Starbucks. I never even found said Starbucks, and I walked down 2 different HUGE concourses. Miami International you suck. The only highlight of the entire Airport was seeing a guy who I think was Flo Rida discussing Mormon girls, Hilarious.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

more posts?

Now that Michel Gondry has moved into feature films his heir apparent has been found. I introduce you to Dougal Wilson, he reminds me way too much of Michel Gondry since he has that same ultra surreal kind of style. If interested theres some more of his videos HERE.

the sound of a song losing it's soul

Yep. I have now invested another 30 seconds of thought on this Jackassery and I no longer blame microsoft. I blame the clowns that came up with Guitar Hero. Music production was the next evolutionary step in this genre. You start out with a Guitar, then you get the full band, then you move onto the way the original song was even mixed/produced. Yeah that just happened. I put together an arguement, though an obvious one, but an arguement that made sense nonetheless.

Remember when I was talking about songsmith?

Yes the apocalypse is nigh, see for yourselves.


Wonderwall is unforgivable. This is one of the greatest songs of my lifetime and it has been soiled. I think the only thing worse than the Songsmith's commercial is the actual product from Songsmtih.

For those of us that miss MST3K

I was wondering when this was gonna happen, it was fated to eventually, and I always believe that sooner is always better than later. Surprisingly after going through most of their catalog I think I am most excited for Jurassic Park.


Check it out.

better late than never

I've been waiting to do this year end wrap-up of movies for the last few weeks. I was basically waiting till I had watched most of the Oscar contenders before I gave you my personal opinions on them, lucky for you I had just finished the Wrestler yesterday. After watching that it gave me the confidence to make a half assed list which really has no merit to anyone but me. Now I am hardly a film major, or really any kind of critic. Honestly, anything I say should be taken with a grain of salt, If you have read many of the posts here you may realize that I might be half retarded, I'm at the very least I'm only partly literate. Anyway, I'm going to skip the rest of the pillow-talk and get to the goods, so here goes.


6) Wall-E - I loved this movie, It seemed like a real departure for Pixar to make such a sophisticated movie. Honestly, there isn't a line of dialogue in the first 20 minutes of the movie and it never slows down. Really that script could not have been longer than 50 pages and what they accomplished visually was unbelievable. The way that Pixar was able to give Wall-E the kind of emotions that they did was amazing.

5) Gran Torino - Clint Eastwood was the best thing about this movie. There wasn't anything else that was special about this. Actually, the script was so simple that it was almost a comedy as you get desensitized to blatant racism from Clint Eastwoods character. The script was so over the top that it was unfortunate. What could have been a good movie about a man overcoming himself was widdled down to a comedy. Unfortunate.

4)The Wrestler - Great movie about how you can't change what you are. Heath Ledger may have had the best supporting role of the year, but here you see Mickey Rourke walk away with the lead. His portrayal of a down on his luck wrestler who was as happy-go-lucky as it gets was fun to watch. Also props to Bruce Springsteen for writing one of the best songs of his career on the soundtrack to this. I even have the video here for you.

3)Dark Knight - I didn't spend more time watching any other movie as much as I spent watching this. From top to bottom amazing. You can bitch about Batman's voice, but don't let that take you away from the shear intensity of this movie. This movie also wins the "30 Rock Award" for having the most amazing ensemble, though in this case, for a movie. Even if you don't like comic books, Christopher Nolan and company deliver one of the best Cop and Robber movies since Heat. This is without a must see for ANY movie fan.

2)Slumdog Millionaire - What a great story about love and destiny, this movie was so fun to watch, even at it's most depressing the movie still keeps you at the edge of your seat. Though the story was able to give some levity occasionally, it was still a very serious story of 2 brothers hustling there way through some very miserable situations. The creativity of these brothers was fantastic, it's almost as if M.I.A. wrote "paper planes" specifically for this movie. Actually here is a scene where that song appears.

1) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - UNFREAKINBELIEVABLE!!! What a magnificent fairy tale. I Walt Disney had made movies that were a little more mature than what he had produced he would have came up with Benjamin Button. This really sealed for me the notion that David Fincher is the most meticulous director there is. Also the special effects that were used in this were amazing. I didn't know there was a way to digitally make someone look older so convincingly. This is exactly what movies are supposed to do, to take you to some other believable world where the impossible seems possible.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I promise you, my readers, that henceforth I will at least proof read each post before I submit them.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Okay here is something that I didn't think we were going to see again. I had reached that impression since he had actually said so . I didn't leave my bed for three days after he made such a bold statement. Though I was relieved a little, Damon made no secret about what would be The Good, the Bad, and the Queen so I wasn't concerned that I wouldn't be hearing him again, I would just be missing out on some of that style of production. However, the Gorillaz are back with an album that will be released only god knows when. Damon was a guest DJ yesterday at BBC's radio one and brought some demos from the new album. Here they are.

I would watch this

Watch out people in/near Venice Beach he warned you.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


FYI everyone involved with this commercial threw themselves off the tallest building they could find after viewing it. The only good that will come from this is a Wesley Willis type of singer. Rock over London rock, on Chicago.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Move over Katie Couric

This kid better get an opportunity to interview Barack Obama. With his strong journalistic approach and talented crew I can't think of anyone better to interview a freshly post-inaugural President Barack than Damon Weaver. This kid is awesome. If your unfamiliar with Damon he's been interviewing people during the entire presidential race. Here is one of the greatest interviewers with Vice President Elect Joe Biden.

This kid even has celebrity endorsements! Too bad they all appear to be just the Miami Heat. 

But Damon has inspired me. I'm am going to put it out there. Now really this part of the message is just for President Elect Obama's handlers,I'm not that confident that he's a reader sadly, but I think both of my regular readers can read this and it will do no harm:

President Elect Obama,
Please allow me the opportunity to Interview you. I believe that this would help both of us. Currnetly I am a nobody on the blogosphere and with this interview I think that would catapult me to being at least a B(-) blogger. You would appear to be a champion of the everyman. It helps us both out. I promise to even get the interview edited by someone who has a better grasp of the English Language. We could even get Damon Weaver for that, but I'm also open to suggestions. Also I pledge to get you a "Modern Jackassery" windbreaker. A first of it's kind since I don't offer any merchandise as of yet. Feel free to email me or post a response here if your interested.

thank you
chris outlaw

CBS NEWS would be smart to let Damon Weaver do the post-show monologue on 60 minutes when Andy Rooney goes to Hell.  This I fear is the only way that 60 Minutes can manage to get their average age of a correspondant under 70 anytime soon.

Monday, January 12, 2009

More Zach

If you were ever a big fan of When Harry met Sally (who isn't) watch this video. The guy at the end makes it.

Kanye appears to have been a fan of Zach's as well.

And this is just a fun little bit he did on Kimmell.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

a few things... some I missed the first time.

Allirght a couple things here. First we will go over the albums that i forgot about. And later a movie that all Bruce Campbell fans should see. But like I said, the albums first.

Handsome Furs - Face Control - The husband and wife duo return for another album with an assured hipster flair. If you dig a stripped down, strictly guitar and keyboard, approach to music... look no further. This band can put out some of the catchiest music there is. Though a little political (if that bothers you) it doesn't hurt the beat and the good times. Worth checking out on March 10th fo sho.

Wilco - TBD - This is either a live album or a studio album in the sense of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and A Ghost is Born. I will be getting either one. Doesn't matter. I actually hope they release both, that would really make my day. Just realease something and I like both ideas alot. Supposedly to arrive around spring. This is a really old song by them, and this is my blog so I do as want.

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - Working on a Dream - Yep sign me up for another autobiography this January. His album comes out the 27th.

Now some big news. One of m many guilty pleasures is the actor Bruce Campbell. I am compelled to watch him, though not in some weird man crush way. Let's make that clear. I am not gay for Bruce Campbell I just happen to like the terrible movies that he makes. Anyway I have recently came across My Name is Bruce and that may be one of the funniest movies I've seen in a while. If you like self-deprecating humor this is it.

Whos ready for music in 2009?

Yeah I am eagerly waiting for some good music in 2009. Music was a little dissapointing in 08 but I'm optimistic for 09. Here are just a few albums that I am confident will be pretty good.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs- TBA - Yeah I can't get enough of garage rock. Yeah I know Karen O. was working on the solo album. Yeah I know I've used "Yeah" alot in this description. Nobody knows when this album is supposed to some out, however I don't care. I only ask that it's as good as Golden Lion. Anything with her voice turns out to be pretty good. Just ask Squeak E. Clean when they made the song for the adidas commercial.

Though the album will be more rockin.

U2 - No Line on the Horizon - Yeppers, another case where your last product means I am being sucked in for another round. Though really these guys don't ever really disappoint. They just do as they've done for 3 decades and make kickass records. March 3rd won't come soon enough.

The Decemberists - Hazards of Love - One of the best bands coming from the Naughty Northwest. I'm not sure I am in love with the music they make necessarily. I'm so Sam and Diane with this band it's not even funny. Though I do know I love the lyrics and all the references they make in their music/videos of Portland.

Doves - TBA - It has been way to long since Some Citites was released. Though I loved it that was not shared by all of the bands fans. I look forward to this album regarless if they go back to the amibient sound of the first 2 albums or the poppiness of the last album. Count me down for an April release. BTW if your a fan of this band be sure you have the Lost Sides disc, it's one not to miss. Here is a live version of one of the tracks to appear on the album.

Modest Mouse - TBA - Really this album is supposed to be just an EP, and was supposed to have come out at the end of last year I think. I heard that they were trying to hurry it out and that didn't happen. I'm not sure what the story is now, all I know is that I love one of the songs that are supposed to be on it. I just hope Isaac Brock doesn't get arrested for something before this song is recorded in studio.

NASA - Spirit of Apollo - February 17th. Trust me I will have this that day. On that day I will have that in my hands within a cocaine heartbeat. I cannot be more excited. It's impossible.

There are others albums I'm missing, I just can't think of them now. For the time being enjoy.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Real World Brooklyn

Right now I'm pretty excited for the "Real World Brooklyn". The soon to be breakthrough storyline about a housemate that falls for the transgender in the house. This will be awesome. I am definitely looking forward to that wrinkles well as the other stupid things that are sure to happen in that house this season. In standard fashion here are some clips.


My favorite quote: "She's a boy, Can't you tell?"

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Maybe the best track of 08

So I scooped this song up about a week ago and it sucked me right in. What Never Comes by Crooked Fingers is Re-dick-u-lous, simply amazing. Think about a song that combines Spoon lyrics and the E Street Bands bar aesthetic. Amazing vocals as well and with the horns the song sounds like it came right from the Phil Spector wall of sound. Go and buy it on Itunes right now, I am so confident I will even refund your 99 cents if your not satisfied.

N.A.S.A. leaks

Some clips of the upcoming album from the N.A.S.A. album Spirit of Apollo. Do yourself a favor and just preorder the album at amazon, supposedly the artwork by Shepard Fairey is a dealmaker. Anyway here are some of the songs leaked. Both of these songs sound great, I don't know if there is anyone as excited for this album as me.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Three Sheets

Let me give you one of the greatest shows ever, it's just too bad the television channel that carried it is now out of business (MOJOhd). Though it sounds like Mark Cuban is interested in putting it on his HDnet. As ridiculous as this sounds this is actually a very educational program on traveling... in regards to the drinking culture of the the destination. He participates in the countries drinking games, the creatino of the countries unique drinks, and even goes through the native hangover cure. All in all this was one of my favorite shows of the last few years and now everyone has an opportunity to watch all the episodes for free now. Or you can buy them on Itunes. However, if you would just like to watch them for free go crazy(LINK).