Monday, March 29, 2010

Wrestlemania 26

Yesterday I went to Wrestlemania and ran a live tweeting session of the entire event and for your pleasure I've decided to post it here.

3:30 pm: "super jumbo cotton candy that is super and jumbo". Overheard from a super jumbo cotton candy salesman.

3:47 pm: The wrestler "Santino" appears to have a monster unibrow. Google it.

3:49 pm: A midget just kicked a few peoples ass. Maybe it was a dwarf but who gives a damn.

3:53 pm: They just opened the roof here. My buddy Donny has admitted he would hate his life.

3:58 pm: After I suggested wrestlmania had a comicon element Donny reminded me this is the "showcase of the immortals".

4:05 pm: Donny has now said fantasia wasn't good enough to sing "the star spangled banner" at wrestlemania. He wanted beyonce instead.

4:09 pm: Just realized I'm about to see "the Miz" from the real world wrestle. I am the most excited person in a crowd of 72k 2 watch

4:15 pm: MIZ WINS MIZ WINS!!!! Him and the big show remain tag team champs.

4:19 pm: Million dollar man has a son??? Oh yes and now I know who I'm rooting for on this match. #teamdibiase.

4:20 pm: It appears I'm In a minority for this match. These people don't know.

4:31 pm: The million dollar man's son just lost to a man I am to believe is tortured by mental illness. Randy Orton won.

4:34 pm: Eddie guerrero's wife is following his legacy. Maybe this means after she wins the championship she will die

4:36 pm: Wwwooooohhhh. Ladder match folks. Wait there's a Jamaican involved?? If he wins drug test that guy for ped's

4:55 pm: Lots of boos in the crowd as the "all american american" wins the money in the bank/ladder match.

4:58 pm: And they decided to reopen the roof at university of Phoenix stadium. Perhaps fan man will make an appearance.

5:05 pm: There's a Ginger wrestling??? Triple H please dominate this. Ginger's were born to be behind the scenes. Re: Ron Howard.

5:48 pm: Hitman v. Mcmahon. The 13 year rivalry that started at the "Montreal screwjob". I pray that the mean street posse comes.

5:52 pm: Mr. Mcmahon has the greatest swaggar of any person alive. I may try to mimic it myself.

6:06 pm: This match is like watching a snuff film. Kinda boring and we know it ends.

6:39 pm: My younger favorite chris Jericho with the fan upsetting win holds onto the title Long live the liontamer.

6:46 pm: Donny can't have another beer. He's about to buy another replica belt.

6:49 pm: Dear Batista. It's not very masculine to have a tattoo around your belly button. I'm just letting you know.

7:20 pm: Shawn Micheals v. Undertaker now. Supposedly if Shawn micheals loses he finally is allowed to retire at the age of 55 or so.

7:51 pm: Goodbye Shawn micheals. If it makes you feel better I just saw a grown man cry. Hope that helps.

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