Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm On a Train Gaylord (working title), a travel diary/tale of survival

About a year ago some friends and I elected that it would be a great decision to visit Europe during the winter months (This is when most of us have our time off). Winter sounded perfect to me since my employment is non-existent during this time and I have been making zero progress in my attempts to effectively breed Unicorns. We all understood that visiting Europe in the winter isn't ideal but don't have much of a choice, I'm also confident that we've all packed appropriately for the cold, maybe even overestimating the harshness of their winter in eastern Europe.

I'm writing this on the day I leave for Europe and my plan is to be able to update at train stations and hotels. Our merry crew of raconteurs for this trip is small, really only four people. The good news is that by having only four people everyone has a role within the group and are all a little different in personality. Monica (the muscle) is probably the more adventurous and daring of the group, Matt (the wild card) is generally quiet and will most likely just go with the flow, though is always good for a random event, Dana (the muscle) seemingly has a lot of plans and activities figured out which are sure to include breweries and wineries (I have no problem with that at all) as well as other destinations, and then theres me (the brains). If you can't tell we may be in some trouble when the brains (me) of this operation can barely write, this is also why we had no interest in bringing someone to take up the role of the Beauty, we realized early that the extra muscle would be more necessary.

Trouble isn't anything anyone is worried about though. We all prayed last night, Monica, Dana, and I all prayed to the right and good Christian God, while Matt prayed to Satan (I'm just assuming that from what I've read from his Facebook updates.), while I also suggested that we also make an offering to The Monster Mash and pledge to do the "Graveyard Smash" at each destination. This suggestion has fallen on deaf ears, if anything happens to us I know why.

The only part that could be scary at all though is the fact that the four of us will be together for three weeks straight. This means that Casino's in Vegas have automatically set the over/under line for SERIOUS arguments at about five. I expect a few arguments to look like mildly like this one (LINK), with maybe less boyfriend talk and a lot more arguing about schedules. Anyway if you want to follow us on our trip and are able to read my ramblings, feel free to check back here every few days. I hope to update at least 2-3 times a week.

The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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Garrett said...

Nice names there champ. To update you, Vegas odds chugged once you left the country. Book makers put you guys at 3.5 weeks before physical harm is distributed. So play nice.

And way to protect the names there pool boy!