Wednesday, September 2, 2009

since I like to spread rumors

You would have thought I learned after I had my hopes up about the Radiohead EP about 2 weeks ago, unfortunately I didn't. Supposedly at Al Lutz is reporting (LINK) that at D23 (Comicon for disney fans) that Captain Eo will be returning to Disneyland. Yep Disney is trying to cash in on the George Lucas produced/Francis Ford Coppola directed 3d short film to make some money right after the King of pop passed away/killed. Lucky for you though folks if it's been a while (at least 20 years seemingly for me) since you last saw Captain Eo I have dug through the mess that it is the internet to bring it to you.

Also is it just me or is "Hooter" a rip off of "Max Rebo" from Return of the Jedi?
His instrument is almost the same as well.

Again folks no need to thank me.

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