Friday, March 13, 2009


Twitter has got to be one of the more entertaining things online. I think it works great to go with Facebook. I don't think it can ever replace what Facebook does but I enjoy it alot more. Twitter seems more Celebrity Friendly, in the sense that you can follow conversations between 2 of them. It also makes it available for A/B/C celebrities to talk to their followers. It is merely an easy to use social media application that gives no real information about the users and allows them to discuss anything.

During the first week I was on twitter I watched a particularly interesting conversation between Rainn Wilson (Dwight) and Dr. Drew discuss what type of Vagina a Mermaid would have. I was instantly hooked. Watching this back and forth was one of the most interesting time wasters that I had ever seen. Thanks to Twitter I never would have realized that mermaids would most likely have a Cloacae combo type vagina. This was strange to watch unfold to say the least however it so far hasn't been the most outrageous thing twittered.

The award for the most outrageous thing twittered would go to Diddy. Honestly I think Diddy may be insane. that guy posts so often it's crazy, for example it seems he records mostly at night and goes to sleep around 10am. He also seems like a pretty positive human being which many celebrities appear like. However, I think you are less interested in what kind of human being he is and more interested in an example on how he posts the most outrageous things. The most outrageous thing that Diddy ever tweet about was On February 27th when he was live tweeting while having tantric sex. This is just another example of how nobody can do it like Diddy. If your interested Diddy supposedly went 6 and a half hours before his back started cramping.

Not everything on twitter though involves people talking about strange conversations and Diddy going crazy. There is also some cool and interesting stuff going on. I just got this today thanks to Kovas (music producer). Though I now worry that M.I.A. is going out of her way to just remake "paper planes". Honestly I haven't seen music this lazy since 50 cent made "Candy Shop" and "Magic Stick". Hopefully the final product isn't such a cookie cutter remake.

Twitter is not designed to ever replace Facebook. Facebook offers so many features and allows for easy access to meet people from work, and from school. In regards for Twitter you have to do all the legwork yourself. They accompany each other wonderfully, and in the way social media works I will unfortunately need both for a while. Well until I can follow diddy's sexual conquests on Facebook.

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