Thursday, June 11, 2009

Review: Land of the Lost

Honestly I just watched this last night and I don't remember much of it. Really it was just a standard Will Ferrel comedy, you should already know what your getting before you walk into the theater. The effects aren't that great, but neither was the television shows. The acting is what you would expect from this kind of movie, nothing special. Honestly, Danny Mcbride wasn't able to do his usual schtick since it was only a PG-13 film.

Hmm, so far I make this movie sound terrible, it wasn't. It did have some funny references and some decent physical comedy. Danny Mcbride did offer some good lines, none of them memorable though, but I assure you they were funny. My final feelings on this are that this was an unbelievably forgettable film and nobody needs to burn any calories to go see this in the theater. If you are desperate for a time killer go crazy and see it, theres just simply no reason to NEED to see it.


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