Tuesday, June 2, 2009

wow a running segment for Modern Jackassery?

That's the plan, each week during the summer i will watch and review a new movie that goes into the theaters each week, regardless of whether or not I am excited for them.

Our first installment will be Terminator: Salvation.

This was a movie that came out a week and a half ago (though I will work on my timing I will probably be watching on the tuesday after the release.) Anyway back to the movie, Without watching the third one, which I had zero interest in watching, the story on this one wasn't that spectacular. Which was surprising after how much emphasis Christian Bale said was put on story and Character development. What was up front and seemed most important was the effects. Summer movies have always been style over substance and this is no different unfortunately.

One of the gripes I always have in a dystopic future where humanity gets it's asskicked on the regular is the part where Villians are everywhere and far more intelligent than the humans are for some reason unable to defeat the humans even though they know where they're located. I just need to know why they haven't been completely overtaken. I played Starcraft, I know how this worked.

the movie was full of cliches as well, including a great scene which felt like it was taken out of a Bond movie. At the end of the movie it asks the viewer what makes us human? My short answer is that a robot would know better.


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Miguel Sanchez said...

This is the worst movie revie ever! T4 is by far the best movie not in the series of Terminator movies. Geez, did you even watch this movie???? You must have gone to see Jonas Brothers in 3d. I suggest you take a film class and report on the quanity rather then the quality. My review is 10 out of 20. This review makes me vomit!!!