Monday, June 15, 2009

Review: Up

Eric Cartman once said "you have got to learn to chill. Life goes by pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while and do whatever you want all the time, you could miss it." These are words that I do my best to live bye, unfortunately, I can't do it to the extreme that a sociopath like Cartman does.

Carl Fredrickson is on the opposite of this lifestyle. He is burdened by carrying the guilt of his inability to take his wife on the adventure that he had promised to give her. There is an incredible silent montage (probably the most moving scene in the history of Pixar) where it shows Carl and his wife going through 50 years of marriage and dealing with standard hardships in life where they are forced to use all the money saved up for the trip. Be it a flat tire, new roof, or paying for his wife's hospital bills there was always an important reason to take their savings and put it to immediate work. After she passes away he becomes colder and embittered and looks at a mural that was painted which was painted to remind the 2 of this adventure that they had dreamed about and feels the shame and guilt for never being able to give his love what she had dreamed of.

When he is forced to go to a nursing home he devises a plan to float his home to the land that they had dreamed of. At this point Russel (a make shift boy scout) appears in. Carl who has now become this man who closed himself off now needs the help of someone else to maneuver his house to Paradise Falls. From here the story gets a little convoluted but doesn't lose any points.

This may be the best Pixar movie and probably the best movie I've seen at this point in the year. Even the short film "Partly Cloudy" was amazing. It was so amazing that it inspired me to go and buy it on itunes when I got home. Do not miss this movie, especially if you like Pixar in general. The characters were great and had some great and touching moments, even the dialogue was great, hardly anything I expect from an animated film. The theme of the movie is that you need to be greatfull for everything and to be excited about the moment. That you are constantly participating in the adventure of life and that as Russel says ""It might sound boring, but I kinda think it's the boring stuff I remember the most." This is far from boring and was the most enjoyable movie of the year, not funniest, just the most enjoyable movie. Now go out and enjoy your own adventure.


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