Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Airport Jackassery

I thank God everyday for free Wifi for without it I would go crazy. Todays musings include me following one of my favorite comedians Zach galifianakis (sp?, though I could check, I've decided not to waste the time to correct it each time on this post.) What an awesome comedian, if you enjoy outsider art or fringe comedians I strongly suggest that you check him out. I finally had a chance to check out the short video he did for Absolut vodka. It's been out for a while I just never remember for some reason to check it out. Needless to say it's awesome, I'm more impressed that absolut even has a link for it off their website since it's just barely a commercial and them just acting retarded.

He has also had the opportunity to work with Fiona Apple on a number of occasions including a video for her song "Not About Love" which he played his standard spaz type but worked with equal hilarity. I would post the video here but I guess Fiona and her crew don't appreciate people posting the video so I will just go ahead and link you to it. Click HERE.

Heres another little jam with the 2 of them. This one written by Zach this time. Unfortunately no video you just get the audio this time. Coming from Vegas this song is representative to many of the clowns that come to this town.

And lastly a nice little video of him from his performance at University of South Carolina. watch out though as this video is a little emotionally aggressive towards the bush administration. But it really showcases what you get from a performance from Zach.

At the rate that that my flight is getting cancelled I may also post my best albums of 2008 soon.

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