Tuesday, December 30, 2008

now the dummy musicians of the year.

This is an open letter to some musicians/bands that let me down this year.

Weezer- The Red Album - wow. what a piece of crap. You know what I liked you more when you only had made two albums and then you decided to have a mental breakdown and smoke alot of weed. Since you came back all you have done is make crappy albums. Okay, your right, the "Green Album" wasn't terrible, but it was crappy in comparison to the "Blue Album" and "Pinkerton". Face it, your best albums are behind you, please hang up your spurs and stop making music before I hate you as much as I hate Nickelback.

My Morning Jacket - Evil Urges - Another disappointment, though this one wasn't a really a bad album. It was just not what I want from you. I understand the desire to experiment, however, this album made you sound like you asked Pharrell for help. Don't. Just keep on with the good old southern style rock you do great before you get passed up by talented bands like Band Of Horses, Fleet Foxes, and Blitzen Trapper. Please your better than the last effort.

Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul - Now I realized I am the only person on this side of the pond who gives a damn but still I listen anyway. I keep listening to Oasis can still make a good pop song as well as anyone, though on this last album I started to doubt them alittle. Really not a single memorable song on this one. Just disappointing from one of the best britpop bands ever. These guys wrote WONDERWALL. They have moments of brilliance yet this was nothing special. Thanks guys.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - The Effects of 333 - I understand that this album was made over 4 years in a bus/motel rooms and you guys lost your drummer... again. However, you guys need to stop being such bottom bitches. A CD of AMBIENT MUSIC?!?! What were you clowns thinking. I even like ambient/instrumental albums but you failed to even make a good one. You said that you had been working on this project for years? When? I even paid good money for this. You guys broke my heart. Last year you were my number 2 album of the year with Baby 88, now your the biggest disappointment of '08. You guys almost made me shed a tear.

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