Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Less Airport Jackassery

Well it was an impressive flight from Vegas. A couple things were creative though that that will mark it as one of the more memorable trips ever. First was how I had my espresso truffle spilling it all over me. That made me realize that it's always humiliating spilling a drink on your pants, especially when said drink stains for a while. Now I initially had thought that my stain was just isolated to my knee, unfortunately there was some on my crotch as well. This changes the level of said embarrassment significantly. I'm used to looking like a clown at most places and am typically the most under dressed person while in a crowd, though I that's hardly because I have a stains on my gear. Perhaps it was that I was raised to dress well when getting on a plane for the first part of my life but I was actually a little humiliated. I assure you that the focus of my concern wasn't the fact that with a stain on my crotch would surely inhibit my opportunities to join the mile high club but for the plain fact that I hate having any kind of stain on my crotch. It's like I just pissed all over myself and I didn't want anyone to know, but I had no way to cover it up. Best case scenario for m now is merely a squeezer and I'm not sure if that counts.

Now concerning the actual flight. After hearing nothing but nightmares coming from Portland about road/air traffic conditions and the amount of snow all over town. Mostly though I was concerned that while flying into Portland I would be routed into some other airport, that I had no interest in being at. I was also afraid that turbulence would be so terrible that my hymen would rupture. Needless to say I had overreacted and the flight was fine with the exception of how late the plane was taking off. Besides that flight was great and I give Alaskan Airlines a tip of the hat.

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