Saturday, December 13, 2008

one for my boy Big Baby Jesus

So I've been going through Itunes and renaming everything to organize it to make it more efficient. Now I have a grip of music on this thing, music that no human being has heard or listened to in over 10 years. Now I'm not sure why I have a whole album by Dovetail Joint still, but I do. Anyway, as I'm going through this I came across probably one of the greatest hype men of all time. ODB, man was he awesome. This in turn lead me on a search of him on youtube for some of his most memorable videos, and perhaps one of the greatest moments of MTV news history. I would have imagained that even the great Kurt Loder may have even showed an element of emotion as he saw this clip.

I swear to god Kurt Loder has never changed the tone of his voice once in 30 years. I haven't seen him on tv now for years, but I'm confident MTV is just waiting for the right moment to roll his corpse out. After that I needed to see my favorite video of his. I mean Fuckin Dolemite was in the video, ODB even gets a hug from Dolemite. That's amazing!

I have only seen Dolemite beat up white people in his movies, this is a stretch for him. Well beat up white people and have sex with chicks, but not much cuddling, which is why the hug is a surprise. Also that video has a pre-milkshake/nas Kelis. All in all one of the greatest videos ever. Too bad both Dolemite and ODB are deceased I would have loved to have seen a sequel. Though for more clips of him dressing up funny there is this video though not as good as previous.

Now the Old Dirt Dog has passed on years ago. Though he still has some stuff that comes out from time to time including an album that Kanye was producing up until his death that still has no release date. But there is this cover of a Britney classic he did with Mark Ronson and Tigger. Sorry this isn't a real video (though I wish that it was, and I have ideas for it) it's the only place I could find the song.

I was at this point back in it with my man Super Bastard. I wondered where did he spend his food stamps, his welfare money, even where he spent his real money. Luckily youtube has all the answers.

That man is an inspiration. Now comes the difficult part, can I pull off wearing a t-shirt of my fallen hero. Or do I resemble Bill Gates/Opie too much to not even try.

Problem there is that I can't find any place that is actively selling it. Also the cool thing about that shirt is that on the back it has all of his nicknames:
(Big Baby Jesus, Sweet Baby Jesus (from ODB: Dirty Minded Documentary)
Dirt McGirt, Dirt Dog
Russell Jones
Ason Unique[8], Unique Ason
Joe Bananas
Old Dirty Chinese Restaurant (from Chappelle's Show)
The Bebop Specialist[8]
The Man of All Rainbows[8]
Prince Delight[8]
The Professor[8]
Rain Man[8]
Super Bastard[8]
Peanut the Kidnapper[8]
RJ Tha Mad Specialist[8]
Freeloading Rusty[8]

or theres this shirt.

Any help would be appreciated.

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