Thursday, January 29, 2009

the best show on TV

After missing the season premiere of Lost last week while I was out of the country I am now caught up. Without a doubt in my mind this is the best show on TV, it's ability to blend drama and philosophy is amazing. Along with some of the craziest and compelling characters it makes for beautiful television. To believe that this on a network is what's also amazing, I didn't think I would ever be this enamored with a network drama since I had relegated myself to Cable dramas like Deadwood.

Though I am a newb in regards to Lost fans. I had actually just started watching them from the beginning since about June when I could start from the beginning online. I was hooked instantly, hell I was so hooked I watched an entire season in a week and a half once I started watching them on DVD. I think my first roommate though watched an entire season of Sopranos in something like 4 days once though.

I suggest everyone to watch this. If your too lazy to rent/buy the dvds then watch it online. Watch at it home,work, or on a train it doesn't matter, just watch it. I'm not kidding when I was going to Costa Rica and found out that I was missing the Season Premiere. I even tried to watch it online there and was turned away by the Internet God of ABC. I was Heartbroken. It's like waiting for a girl to come to town that you haven't seen in months and your confident that you could get your dick smooched. Only to find out your forced to be away from her while she's in town, problem is that you've worked yourself up waiting so much for this one day and now your heartbroken. That's how I felt.

This season has so far not dissapointed. With the island moving through time and possibly dealing with some kind of prehistoric location now I'm excited (I'm just guessing prehistoric by the way it looked during the teaser for next week, though now it seems very hokey).

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