Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Move over Katie Couric

This kid better get an opportunity to interview Barack Obama. With his strong journalistic approach and talented crew I can't think of anyone better to interview a freshly post-inaugural President Barack than Damon Weaver. This kid is awesome. If your unfamiliar with Damon he's been interviewing people during the entire presidential race. Here is one of the greatest interviewers with Vice President Elect Joe Biden.

This kid even has celebrity endorsements! Too bad they all appear to be just the Miami Heat. 

But Damon has inspired me. I'm am going to put it out there. Now really this part of the message is just for President Elect Obama's handlers,I'm not that confident that he's a reader sadly, but I think both of my regular readers can read this and it will do no harm:

President Elect Obama,
Please allow me the opportunity to Interview you. I believe that this would help both of us. Currnetly I am a nobody on the blogosphere and with this interview I think that would catapult me to being at least a B(-) blogger. You would appear to be a champion of the everyman. It helps us both out. I promise to even get the interview edited by someone who has a better grasp of the English Language. We could even get Damon Weaver for that, but I'm also open to suggestions. Also I pledge to get you a "Modern Jackassery" windbreaker. A first of it's kind since I don't offer any merchandise as of yet. Feel free to email me or post a response here if your interested.

thank you
chris outlaw

CBS NEWS would be smart to let Damon Weaver do the post-show monologue on 60 minutes when Andy Rooney goes to Hell.  This I fear is the only way that 60 Minutes can manage to get their average age of a correspondant under 70 anytime soon.

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