Friday, January 23, 2009

RE: My Sri Lankan Princess

2008 was a big year for my favorite "retired" Singer, she releases an EP and makes a song for a movie soundtrack that nets her an Oscar nomination yesterday. I'm not sure anyone is as excited as much as I am for the live performance of that song and to find out what she will be wearing. It's obvious that she will wear something that she designed, the only problem though is that theres just too many choices. I hope though that the Afrika Jacket makes an appearance, but I'm not so sure if the academy is ready for her yet.
As usual heres a video of the song she received her nomination for.

In other news She also released an EP of new songs and a remix of "boys" ft. Jay-Z. The track "Shells" though is the real standout, with a great beat and lyrics about ak-47 shell casings she seals the deal. Don't waste anymore time though, go get the How Many Votes Fix Mix. Now the only problem though is the fact that this mix a has different releases. Itunes has only three songs while other realeases are supposedly up to 6. Anyway get it regardless.

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