Friday, November 21, 2008

americas next top model cycle 11 what the fuck!!

what the fuck Mckay wins she is not the hottest did not take the best pictures and just posses like shes smegul from lord of the rings what the fuck was tyra thinking. i chose Analeigh as 1 of my 2 at the begining of the season and she made it to the top 3 the other one i chose Elina came in 4th or 5th i just cant believe that tyra would make another bad call and chose the wrong winner Analeigh by far should have won she has that look that turns heads and makes everyone wonder who she is not to mention that she also has the girl next door look and she is a better looking version of Michelle Trachtenberg. this is why this show sucks and you never see any of the winners doing anything big. because tyra always fucks up and chooses the wrong person.

mckay winner americas next top model cycle 11


my choice and the women that should have won americas next top model

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