Saturday, November 22, 2008

Die you robot bastard!

If you have time to kill, and your a nerd and have a love of cheap user made movies check this out. This is a video from one of the creators of channel101. It's actually not a bad video considering that it consisted exclusively of cardboard, I should actually say that it was all cardboard plus 18 thousand dollars. He has since moved onto working on the Sarah Silverman Show and his own other jackassery. All in all a great time kill. The good news about Robot Bastard is that he didn't just have one episode, after his head was reattached I think he made appearances in music videos, like this one. However, I cannot confirm this.

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Bambi and Jack said...

I can't believe I just spent 17+ minutes to watch "Robot Bastard"! I do wish that I could remember the line where he says something about ___ and mouth. It was great!