Saturday, November 29, 2008

New band alert

Yeah, this band just blew my mind all over my face. If your a big fan of bands like Sonic Youth or Pavement this band is the next coming of early nineties alternative. I can't stop listening to both of their albums (they released 2 albums at the same time). Personally, I like "Weird Era Cont'd" more but "Microcastle" is a little tamer. Just when you thought alternative music had died and was over with it just keeps making a comeback. Thankfully I can still get all the guitars I need from this band and another band Yeasayer which have dominated my Ipod. It seems about a year ago I think I listened to mostly hip hop, now I hardly listen to Hip Hop it seems, alternative has made the great comeback, we still have yet to see if the Kanye album grows on me. Heres a song for the meantime.

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