Thursday, November 20, 2008

wow the 70s seem kickass

These clips make my hate television of the 80s. As I write this I can't think of a real culturally important show in the 80's except for maybe the Cosby show, Cheers, and Night Court. Besides those three shows I can barely name another show during that decade and Night Court was the only one of those three I even liked. The crappy television must have been my inspiration for the sheer amount of reading that I did when I was young. I used to be a smart motherfucker, now I can just hold my own pretty well (though I still worry I may be illiterate). I never read now but I have 10 times the channels and actual television programming is far better. Let me say if Battle of the network stars or anything else that was as entertainging at that was on when I was a child theres a chance I could be totally retarded now.

Now maybe it isnt just the Battle of the Network Stars the show that was awesome, It would also be the actors in the show and how they carried themselves. Telly Savalas is wearing a track suit and smoking at the same time, Robert Conrad is a damn racist, really there is no way a show like this could ever be put on tv now. Impossible, television studios would never let their bread and butter talent commit public suicide like that. I mean Gabe Kaplan got bullied into a competition by a complete asshole. Today if Robert Conrad would have said what he said 20 years later he would have been replaced on his show in a cocaine heartbeat. It would have been like Becky was replaced on Roseanne, people would just turn on Baa Baa Black Sheep and it would have been Kirk Douglas.

All in All Tv in the 80's must have sucked. I pray that one day a show like this can come back one day, with maybe one of the characters from Lost being the Team captain of ABC and Steve Carell leading team NBC. Now I don't watch anything on CBS or watch shows on FOX that casts human beings so I'm open for suggestions on them. If theres a petition out there to get Battle back on tv please let me know. I have now spent too much time fictionally trying to put teams together for each network. Yikes.

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