Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dinner last night

So last night I went to Nora's Wine Bar. Amazing. Very good food, great atmosphere, good wine. I mean anyplace that is as casual as that and offers such a good experience is obviously in my top ten places to go to. I have a hard enough time putting on anything more than a t-shirt and sandals (a polo shirt is as fancy I get) that made this place wonderful. The salad was delicious as well as a ridiculous shrimp pizza. By the time the waiter was asking if we wanted dessert I couldn't handle any more. Next time I go I think I may just be gross and belly up at the bar.
Where they have this contraption a device that pours three different sized servings to the individual. The concept is that the guest can buy a prepaid type credit card, then select the wine of their choice and the size of the serving they want to try. Definitely a place to go if your not that savvy when it comes to wine.

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