Thursday, February 19, 2009

the Aceman goeth

Tomorrow will be the final broadcast of Adam Carolla on FM radio. It sounds like his show is getting cancelled due to budgetary reasons. Though he will live on the internet it just seems wild to me. This guy has been a part of my routine for at least 10 years. While on Loveline, Dr. Drew and him taught me practically everything I know it seems, after he left Loveline to pursue his own show. I should clarify though that There was a time that when I had first moved to Vegas I was unable to listen to loveline until the Adam Carolla show started. So theres actually a year and half in the middle there where I didn't actually have any opportunity to listen to him, though I did read there book a half dozen times in that time frame.

This wasn't just me though that was afflicted with this addiction. I remember when I lived in Eugene my roommate Covert and I would listen to the show every night it was on and offer our own commentary to it. Unfortunately we practically became very amateur psychologists because of this. However, me and Covert weren't the only people charmed by this show. When I moved to Vegas and the withdrawls were showing I found comfort in other people that I knew that also longed for that show. The strangest thing about Loveline was that I don't think I have yet to meet a broad who shared the same kind of longing that so many men who liked the show did.

Luckily, for me and my fellow Adam fans he moved onto the Adam Carolla Show and it was immediately broadcast in Vegas. this is the only thing that I have actually listened to on FM radio since Ipod FM transmitters have become available. I listened to the Adam Carolla Show throgh what seems like 50 different lineups, from Dameshek to Bonaduce.

Now that his show is not on FM radio anymore and will start a podcast I can leave the car radio set to AM. I'm just thankful that he's tenacious enough to keep with it and hope that he will be able to continue to get some fun guests. Part of the charm of his shows was his way too get great talent to appear with him including DAG, Larry Miller, and Joel McHale. Well the real winners of this will be ESPN radio and Tom Leykis on AM radio. Enjoy guys it now takes me half the effort to listen to you now.

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Mad Mike said...

Adam can be funny - but this was a long time coming. Re-start the Man Show!