Sunday, February 22, 2009

By the way Alf is a jerk!

Upon watching TV one Wednesday night I came across WGN which was showing re-runs of Alf. Remember the late 80’s TV show about the alien that crash lands in The Tanners garage in all of places Riverside, California. Too bad he didn’t land about 45 miles west in Compton so we didn’t have to be exposed to this crap. Now when I was a kid watching this I thought the show was really funny but now after watching the re-runs I find that Alf is a total jerk. This middle class family takes him in, hides him from the government and that nosey neighbor (who happens to play later in TV life Jerry Seinfeld’s mom on Seinfeld) and what do they get in return from Alf? Nothing! The amount of bullshit they put up with is incredible. This Alf guy which by the way is not his real name but an acronym - Alien Life Form, is a real slob. He eats all the food, makes a mess of their home, tries to eat the family cat and puts the family in even more hardships all to protect this S.O.B. The first episode I saw during this re-run time was about how the Tanners daughter could not go to college because this bastard costs too much in up keep. So what does this jackass do? He starts taking jobs but because he is alien he can’t do them so the mom and dad of the series have to get involved and do the stupid jobs on top of their other shitty jobs they already have. Alf is a complete asshole in the show and how this was ever on for 4 years is beyond me.
So I took it upon my self to do some research about the show and see if maybe the show was so fun to work on and the chemistry was so right or that it was a cheap show to produce….. Something to why NBC served us this refried vomit of a show. Nothing could be found only anger and resentment was had. A half hour show would take 20 – 25 hours to shoot because of always hiding the puppet ALF. Trapdoors were used and the actors would always have to work around the little bastard. On the series finale no celebrating happened because no one enjoyed the show. In fact after the final scene was done the actor who played the dad (Max Wright) walked off the set and drove away. This just shows how bad this thing really was.
A great ending would have been the entire Tanner family curb stomping this little bastard. Now what a finale that would have been.


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