Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Strike First! - Strike Hard! - No Mercy Sir!

This could be the movie event that so many fans of the Karate Kid series have been waiting for. Bare Knuckles a movie that stars Martin Kove a.k.a. John Kreese. He played the evil but very emotional master sensi. This man cared for his students by only wanting the best around. As he stated in Karate Kid 2 "Second place? Second place is no place! You're off the team!" This man cared. Finally in 2009 he gets the chance again. No John Kreese is not coming back but Sonny Cool is.

Taken from the myspace page -

Inspired by a true story...

Women will go to extreme lengths for those they love and single mother Samantha Rogers is no exception. With her seven year old daughter Milla, in dire need of special care, Sam struggles to make ends meet, taking her licks as a stunt double by day and cocktail waitressing at a rowdy bar at night.

When Sam uses her skills to end a bar fight between two drunk women, down and out promoter Sonny Cool sees an opportunity to get back into the game. He tells Sam all about the "show", a high class, but highly illegal all female bare knuckle fight tournament, where brutality and elegance mix with high stakes and deception.

To provide for her daughter and ensure that Milla gets much needed medical attention, Samantha is forced into taking Sonny's offer. Is the price too much for her...?

This movie doesn't have a release date yet but I will keep everyone posted on this feature film.


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