Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My opinion on the NASA CD

Allright let me repeat myself. I am not a music critic, I really have no degree in music or anything like that. My opinion should be regarded with a grain of salt. Now with all that said I will share my opinion of the NASA - Spirit Of Apollo album. Overall it's not a bad album, though I am a bit disappointed with it in total. While the album is far more cohesive than the "Peeping Tom" album (which was a huge concern of mine) it was still obvious that it felt a little forced at times. Notably on the track "Samba Soul" (awful) which included performances by Del and DJ Q-bert. Del is considerably offbeat on this song which actually makes the song damn near painful to listen to, too bad they Squeak E. Clean and Zegon didn't have anything else for Q-Bert since I would like to see what else he could do. There were a few other misses on the album and unfortunately when they miss they miss big time. However, fortunately when they succeed they make an awesome record. Songs like "Strange Enough" with Karen O, ODB, and Fatlip are amazing, as is "Gifted" with a RIDICULOUS collabortaion including Kanye, Santogold, and Lykke Li. Though The best song on the track was the hidden gem "Electric Flowers" which is following "NASA Anthem" which brought together the RZA and Nina Persson (the Cardigans). This song is amazing, it's almost worth the price of the album.


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Anonymous said...

Music critics don't often write reviews that require a degree in music. Or a degree in journalism.

People need to divorce those ideas, degrees are not prerequisites nor do they define your career path.

... or shouldn't anyway.

Anyway too bad about the CD disappointment. How did they get ODB? Is he actually vocalizing on the track or did they just dig up his femur and use that to move the potentiometers?