Saturday, February 21, 2009

I should clarify this

I need to explain that IN NO WAY DO I SUPPORT THE ABUSE OF WOMEN. I do however occasionally find myself in circumstances where I understand wanting to abuse someone. So when I am talking about Rihanna I'm saying that if she had given me herpes I would simply want to beat the hell out of her though I obviously wouldn't raise a fist. In this case Chris Brown is clearly in the wrong, people should never react violently no matter what the reason is. That being said I hope I haven't created too wide of a schism with my prison readership.

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Anonymous said...

Really? The happies? I'm not sure I'd care all that much if I picked it up off a chick. Rihanna is at least attractive and has a decent voice, Chris Brown could have picked it up off of a toothless whore... it could always be worse.