Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mad Mike

Why so Mad? – I am new to this blogging thing and nor did I think I would ever want to particpaite in one. However Outsleazy begged me to join and said that I would quadrupple readership. As I always say “I live to give”. So here I am with what I think are the most important topics I belive should be disscussed. Nothing I ever say will be false facts. They will remain however my opinion and in my world as I see it my opinion may be used as fact. I will never post anything on here that is out of bounds. Everything is inbounds and in the basketball game of life I play prison/street rules so watch out for the elbows cause this is how I play. I will be covering a number of topics and I can no way list all of them here. A few right off the bat as the creator of the website wrote so clearly as the first sentence – “a place of discussion on media, sports, and modern jackassery. “ So that is generaly what I will cover. I guess any number of things I write about will be covered by that statement so no need to list anymore.

I do want to get one thing out first which is my name – Mad Mike. I did not pick this name so other not to be named folks said this would be the best and I went for it. Yes my first name is Mike but from here on out we will work with Mad Mike or MM if it chooses, but that is it. So one of the first things I did was Google “Mad Mike” and that clown from Pimp my Ride is the first result. How this guy was able to get a website is beyond me. This guys most clever idea was to put TV’s everywhere in the car they were “Pimping”. “Hey Mad Mike what are you going to do this 1984 Dodge Van?” – “Oh Snap Dogg, I got this crazy idea, how bout we put a TV in the back so people can watch it from the outside? Or even cooler would be one under the van. Ya know one that faces the ground so when the car breaks down the repair man can watch this show. Oh yea!”

So this clown has the top spot?? This guy is the biggest moron on the dumbest tv show that was on MTV. Which by the way – MTV – Music Televison. When was the last music video you saw on it? A Blink 182 music video from 2001?

Anyway – that’s good enough for now.



Brook Haller said...

Wow, Mad Mike. There are some spelling and grammatical errors in this. Don't you have spelling and grammar check?

michael said...

Why you wanna pick on me dog. I've been customizing cars for over 25 years. Mtv "Pimp My Ride" was a tv show. Thats it. If you would like to work together to do some positive things let me know. I am always avaiable.

Mad Mike
Galpin Auto Sports
Customizing Supervisor..

Mad Mike said...

Hey Michael - a.k.a. Mad Mike from Galpin Auto Sports - What do you do Google yourself everyday? Or are you a subscriber to this blog? Either way great to have you here and would love to do some postive things. Want to purchase advertising space?