Friday, February 20, 2009

Runnin Rebel Fever

One of the things I really wanted to talk about during my tenure here on modern jackassery was the best College Basketball team of all time.

The 1990 UNLV Running Rebels.

The team that had future NBA stars Larry Johnson, Greg Anthony, and Stacy Augmon playing as professionals in a college game. This team had it all in them, 3 pointers from way out. Sky high dunks that make NBA Jam dunks look like junior ball. Oh and the sheer domination of every opponent they ever faced. The NCAA Tournament made all other teams they faced look like high school teams.

First Round – UNLV 102 – Arkansas – Little Rock 72
Second Round – UNLV 76 – Ohio State 65
Regional Semifinals – UNLV 69 – Ball State 67
Regional Finals – UNLV 131 – Loyola Marymount 101
National Semifinals – UNLV 90 – Georgia Tech 81
Championship Game UNLV 103 – Duke 73

The Championship game is still the largest victory in any championship game in any sport. So it is time to pay tribute to this team that dominated basketball by watching the above video that has highlights all season.



VegasRaider said...

Not sure about the greatest of all time, but they were definately one of the best, most entertaining teams ever. Hard to beat Wooden's UCLA, Jordan's UNC, Knight's IU, and Petino's Kentucky teams.

They were fun to watch, with pre cross-dressing Larry Johnson lighting it up, Stacy Augmon flying through the lane for his one-handed dunks, and Greg Anthony's hustle and relentless defense, despite playing with a broken jaw.

The sick thing is that they were even better the following year. They made it through the season undefeated before losing to Duke in the title game 79-77.

Just need to add NCAA to that last part of your post. There has been larger margins of victory in the Super Bowl.


Mad Mike said...

All right – you are correct that biggest margin line should be changed to biggest margin of victory in a championship game in NCAA basketball. I have noted it for future reference. However I will not change my stance on best NCAA team ever. Woolens teams were good they won championships year after year but not at this big margin of victory. Jordan’s UNC team – just Jordan no one else. Knights Indiana teams….He beat them so they had to win or get choked by Bobby. A Rick Patino – he is a self-less jerk – he is so mad that UNLV came to Louisville and beat his team he didn’t shake Lon Kruger hand after the game. Rick Patino you suck and if you watched and love Blue Chips the movie as much as me you will see he needs to work on his acting as well!

1990 UNLV best College Basketball team ever.