Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcome to Ken Griffrey Jr's- Slugfest

Ah Ken Griffrey Jr’s Slugfest……Ah the memories spring 1999. Let’s see, high school, baseball, finally seeing girls in mini skirts again after the long cold winter and playing Slugfest against one of my good friends Jeff. He always chose the Mariners the team that Griffey played for and I playing with the best team in Major League Baseball the New York Yankees. I don’t think anyone realized how much potential those Mariners teams had in them. They had Griffey of course, Alex Rodriguez (who still is a great player regardless of the dumb things he did in Texas) the Eagle Hardware man himself Edgar Martinez and 2008 World Series Winner Jamie Moyer (I cant believe he is still pitching and further more why the Phillies would give him a 3 year deal????). This team if it had remained would have had the addition of Ichiro Suzuki as a lead off man the following year. However in 2001 Griffey left and so did A-Rod. But the Mariners kept Edgar and Jamie Moyer and also the pin tar king Jay Buhner.
So how could the Mariners let go of what could have been the possibility of the top two players with the most home runs?
Simple…..The Mariners don’t care about success just money. How can I say they don’t care? They have a team that appears to try to win games. They have a great right fielder. They have one of the nicest ballparks in America. So why would I say they don’t care about success just money?

Because they just signed Ken Griffey Jr again.

This is not a move a successful team would make in order to get to the playoffs or win a world series. This is a move to put people in seats and sell some garlic fries and maybe a consideration to let those people that have been sporting a Griffey jersey from 1995 not feel like a clown.

I for one as a Yankee fan am glad to see Griffey back in Seattle because this means the Mariners will not be competitive again and this will make some feel like it is 1999 again.


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