Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Wow, yesterday was a big day for podcasts. You had Adam Carolla's inaugural podcast as well as the availabiltiy of my own podcast now available on itunes. That's right folks, if you don't have an hour to sit at your desk and listen to my voice for an hour and a half you can now just download the podcast from itunes. Just do a search for "Modern Jackassery" and it will surprisingly be the only result there.

In regards to the other show now podcasting Adam Carollas's new show is great. Just an intimate kind of show where it's just him talking and discussing how the terrestrial radio business was failing. All in all a very sober and interesting show. This mornings show was him talking to his old "Loveline" cronie Dr. Drew which was pretty interesting. Needless to say that this show has already made it into my routine and am excited for what he does with it.

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Mad Mike said...

So when are you going to have Mad Mike on the show? Sounds like he has a lot to say. More interesting then you.

Mad Mike