Thursday, February 26, 2009

How the mighty have fallen

I would like to take this moment to tell all of my readers something that is of vital importance. DO NOT ever make derogatory remarks about the Jewish Faith. A quick jab can be laughed off no big deal if it's in jest, however, if you make your jab and then continue to rant about how they own all of Hollywood and then follow that by making a movie that's basically a "snuff" film where they kill Jesus for over an hour people may get the idea that your an anti-semite. As an anti-semite you run the possibility of the Jewish community avoiding to help produce anything that you are affiliated with in essentially ending your career. Look at Mr. Gibson for example, he made "Braveheart" for Chris's sake, now instead of Going to the Oscar's he's making parody films with Jimmy Kimmel (though to Jimmy's credit he's underrated).

Mel does have a movie coming out next year, though that is 3 years now After he directed "Apocalypto". Now I'm going to say that if this movie fails his career may not recover. Though that's no big since he can go back to swimming in his fortune from "The Passion" .

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Anonymous said...

He made Braveheart for your sake? That explains so much!