Friday, February 13, 2009

The first podcast

Here is the first attempt at a podcast. It, like this blog, was not the best. However the show i recorded yesterday was pretty good I think. Now if there was a way that I could change my voice things would be allright. Right now it's all been split up into different parts, pay that no mind. Next week It will be just one huge long podcast. Now Banter!!!


Anonymous said...

You can never kill your inner nerd. ST will be awesome.

The other ST movies sucked ass though. Except Khan. Khan was cool.

Anonymous said...

Next time: label mp3s.

Anonymous said...

Why aim so low as to just own your own tuxedo? You should aim to own your own sweatshop of tuxedo makers. Just like Chappelle, only suits are cooler than shoes.

Also your dream of man dates with Bill Gates is the gayest thing I've ever heard you say. Will you also be holding hands and frolicking outside his lake washington pad?

CES mostly MS driven? In what world? CES is big for TVs and hardware... the only reason MS was big the year the other guy worked it was because MS was doing their zune thing.

Bill Gates' stunt at TED was badass.

chris outlaw said...

Yeah Bill gates was pretty badass at TED, awesome.